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TA.JA.RA is a S.A.R.L company that its major activities consist on importing confectionary and food stuff from Europe in general.

This site is dedicated to enhance the idea for people about this company.
In general our activities consist on:

* Import & Distribution
* Follow up with our brands and organizing marketing acts.
* Supporting customers

More details about services will be stated in the section of SERVICE LIST.

Currently, our focus in the market is dedicated for two companies that we import from:

- SOLEN from Turkey: most of the products are chocolate and wafers.
- FIESTA from Spain : mostly lollipops and sugar sticks.  

TA.JA.RA was established in 2000, a sister company for KHAWAJA Brother s� company. Last stated company has been active in the business field since 1978, established by KHAWAJA Brothers: Mr. Hanna KHAWAJA & Mr. Sarkis KHAWAJA
Major activities had been and still are importing confectionary and food stuff distribution. The company having a chain of distribution addition to salesmen and saleswomen all over Lebanon, accompanied by supervisor to control their performance, merchandisers and a management team insuring fast delivery and trust effects to customers.